Turin is a city for the connoisseurs.

Its sober and elegant beauty can be lived by walking under its arcades, admiring its squares, looking out the Po river to admire, from its bridges, the green of the hills and the enchanting architectures at sunset. What if you can have all of this by spending a few days in a special place, with a special view? Well, we have something that is right for you: LOOK TO Suite & Breakfast to experience and see a special and unique Turin.

Thanks to its privileged location in piazza Vittorio Veneto, LOOK TO is the perfect solution to stay in Turin, for business or leisure, surrounded by an elegant and refined atmosphere, where every detail is meticulously studied, just a few steps far from the main tourist attractions.


LOOK TO comes from my desire to share my experiences and passion.

I have been raised in contact with nature, learning how to love and respect it. After graduating in Architecture, I decided to specialize in design of gardens and green areas, thus combining study and passion.

Traveling is also a great passion of mine, because I love discovering different cultures and people. During my holidays, I always chose to stay in private properties, as they give me the possibility to appreciate hospitality, people and peculiarities of the place.
LOOK TO gathers all of this: it is my little gem, a cosy place with the flavours of Turin and its royal Savoy atmosphere, renowned and enhanced by precious details that represent my life and my passion.

Giuliana Marsiaj