delicacies and photography

Egyptian Museum

Whether you are an Ancient Egypt lover or not, you cannot miss the second collection in the world, by number of pieces, of Egyptian antiquities. Let yourself be carried away in the magical atmosphere set up by Dante Ferretti.

Roma Street

Take a relaxing stroll in one of the most central streets in Turin, the perfect place to go shopping.

San Carlo Square

This square divides Roma Street in two parts. Considered the living room of Turin, it is completely colonnaded and houses some of the most famous historical cafés in the city. Stop by Stratta for a coffee, some pastries or a bag of sweets.

Keep walking and head to Piazza CLN, where some of the famous scenes of the movie “Deep Red (The Hatchet Murders)” were shot.

Alberto Marchetti

Here you can taste one of the best ice creams in Turin, made by the Master of Taste Alberto Marchetti.

Discover the special Experiece


If you are a photography enthusiast, stop by Camera on your way back to LOOK TO. This museum always has very interesting temporary exhibitions of famous photographers.