From the car to the Green

National Automobile Museum

Turin and the car, inseparable binomial. The museum celebrates the history of the car in Italy and around the world with a rich collection of vehicles. Start your journey through the history of the last century on four wheels.

Pinacoteca (Art Gallery) Giovanni and Marella Agnelli

Since you are in this area of Turin, continue your tour with a visit to the Pinacoteca Agnelli, a true gem where you will discover the real treasures of art history collected by the Agnelli family.

Pista 500

From the Pinacoteca Agnelli, climb up to the Pista 500. This space has recently been returned to the residents of Turin in a completely new guise: since a few months it houses the tallest hanging garden in Europe.

Eataly & greenPea

Last but not least, in the same building you will be able to enjoy a shopping tour. Visit Green Pea to shop sustainably and don’t forget Eataly (where you can shop, eat or have a snack) to delight your taste.