Modern art
and subterannean Turin


If you love modern art, immerse yourself in the beauty of the rooms of the Modern Art Gallery. In addition to the masterpieces of the permanent collection, there are always interesting temporary exhibitions.


After a visit to GAM, treat yourself to a real Turinese breakfast in this historic pastry shop founded in 1927. It is especially famous for its chocolate but, believe us, everything you will (?) try will be an explosion of taste for your palate.

Pietro Micca Museum

After a snack, head to Pietro Micca Museum to discover the history of the siege of Turin and how the city was saved from the French thanks to the initiative of this hero from Turin. The museum is built on what remains of the ancient citadel and you can also visit the underground tunnels. A truly unforgettable experience!

Solferino square

On your way back to LOOK TO stop and admire this magnificent square and its Angelic Fountain. Do you feel like playing? Observe the statues and figures that compose the fountain and try to find the esoteric symbols. Enjoy!