Pista 500


The historic track used by the FIAT factory for testing cars on the roof of the Lingotto building hosts a project of art installations realised by Pinacoteca Agnelli, which transforms the new roof garden on the Pista 500 into an outdoor exhibition path. The conversion of the space, realised by FIAT and designed by the architectural firm Camerana& Partners, turned Pista 500 into a green lung positioned 28 metres over the ground, that includes over 40,000 plants and 300 diverse indigenous species, a manifesto of sustainability and inclusivity dedicated to the city of Torino. Pinacoteca Agnelli joins the project with interventions by internationally renowned artists, conceived to be inaugurated gradually over the next few years. Our hostess Giuliana, a landscape architect, will have the pleasure of accompanying you personally, explaining all the peculiarities of the plants present.

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