Ever since it was designed, Look To has been imagined as a constantly changing reality.
We like to think that it can change over time, as if it were something alive.
That’s why we decided to put on sale some of the furniture and furnishings you find in the rooms of our B&B.
In this section of the site you can see some photos of the objects for sale and read a brief description.
If you like something but want more information or have decided to buy it, you can contact us directly.

Lotus flower coffee tables

A brass coffee table made of many lotus leaves that embrace each other. Its art nouveau aesthetic and golden colour make it perfect for both enriching a classic environment and warming up a modern style room. It is composed of different pieces that can be used together or individually.


Various sizes available


– Single leaf high 295€
– Multileaf high 550€
– Set low leaves 450€
– Set leaves table 150€
– Leaf stand 3 shelves 300€

Rasta pouf by Paulo Haubert

The famous Rasta pouf by Brazilian designer Paulo Haubert is made of many braids of wool woven by hand by skilled artisans, which give it this bizarre shape and make it look like a Puli dog.

Ours comes in a mustard yellow version, to liven up and warm up even the most austere room.

Size: diameter 85cmX40cm h.

Price: 1.500€

South American paintings

A series of watercolours bought in Uruguay tells us about ancient music, dances and rituals, which came from Africa with the slaves. They mix the bright colours of the earth, the sun and the forest, those of the day and the magical colours of tropical nights.


N° 5 of 20cmX25 h.
N° 2 from 38cmX29 h.

Price: 80€ each

Oriental tapestries


– Small 25€ Cad.
– Large 35€ each.

No. 2 tapestries 33cmX182cm h.

Price: 500€ each

Ceramic tiles

N°6 small tiles: 10cmX10cm
N°2 large tiles: 15cmX15cm

– Small 25€ each.
– Large 35€ each


Size: 70cmX84cm h.

Price: on request

Vintage trunk

Measurements: 100cmX50cmX37cm h.

Price: 600€

Set of suitcases

N°2 from 60cmX35cmX20cm h.
N°1 of 60cmX34cmX17cm h.
N°1 diameter45X25cm h.

Price: 350€ each


Measurements: 79cmX48cmX79cm h.

Price: 900€ Cad.


Measurements: 330cmX140cmX67cm h.
Chaise lounge 190cm

Price: 4.700€ each

Wood and velvet armchair

Measurements: 79cmX63cmX70cm h.

Price: 600€ Cad.

Suite armchair

Measurements: 80cmX80cmX90cm h.

Price: on request

Balloon paintings

Big picture: 98,5cmX98,5cm h.
Small square: 41,5cmX64cm h.

Price: 400€ Cad.

Vintage folding chairs

Size: 45,5cmX42cmX80cm h.

Price: 200€ each

Folding chairs with embroidery

Measurements: 45,5cmX42cmX80 cm h.

Price: on request


Measurements: 160cmX32cmX90cm h.

Price: 800€

Mirror heart

Measures: 43cmX40cm h.

Price: 750€

Iron and marble coffee table set


1 from diameter 40cmX64cm h.
2 of diameter 40cmX64cm h.
4 of diameter 30cmX64cm h.
1 from diameter 50cmX78cm h.
2 from diameter 50cmX64cm h.

Price: on request

Vintage tray

Size: 61,5cmX61,5cmX123cm h.

Price: 350€

Gervasoli bubbles

Small: diameter 33cmX123cm h.
Large: diameter 55cmX193cm h.

– Small 600€
– Large 800€

Velvet pouf


Large Blue Pouf: 46cm diameterX27cm h.
Blue pouf small: 40cmX30cmX27cm h.
Violet pouf: 40cmX30cmX27cm h.
Light blue pouf: diameter 40cmX30cm h.

Price: 200€

Jute armchairs

Size: 88cmX80cmX74cm h.

Price: 2.000€ Cad.

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